Regional Chemical Distribution Driven by Family Values and Global Connections

LOWE Chemical Company is a regional specialty and commodity chemical distributor based in Cleveland, Ohio. Our company was started in 1968 by Kenneth E. Lowe, Sr. who remains active and excited about the business. We serve Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Western New York, Southern Michigan and West Virginia. As a second-generation business, we continue to strive to support our partners which include customers, suppliers, employees and our community. Our superior service is driven by people who care and appreciate the importance of performing at an exceptional level.

We have a strong chemistry base complimented by years of sales and field experience. Research & development experts from our strong supplier base provide formulating and manufacturing expertise. We are able to assist in new product design and development. We can also help to improve and enhance existing materials and formulations.

LOWE Chemical looks forward to having the opportunity to partner with your company in the future. We hope to prove ourselves as a valuable asset and supplier to your business!

Lowe Chemical Co. 8300 Baker Ave., Cleveland, OH 44102
TEL: 216-961-4222     |     TOLL FREE: 800-837-5693     |     FAX: 216-961-4904